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I had a really great weekend! (mark the calendar!)

Now, I “do” the Chiller show twice a year. (because that’s how often they do it!)  To begin with, normally I only go one day, but I had a friend I had met at the Star Trek Convention driving up from Virginia with her son and we were going to meet for this show.

She did.

We did.

..and we had a great time!

So.. now I have LOTS of photo’s to show you!  Honestly I have many more than I will put up here because I played “personal photographer” for Michelle and Donald because she didn’t have a camera.  I love taking photo’s so this certainly was not a “job”.. I just wish I had my Canon with film and my 300 zoom lens, but all I had was my little Fuji digital… but I lucked in and got some decent photos!

OK… lets begin the visual part of this post!…

Ummm.. it was crowded!!!!

..and I was in line for about two hours (that’s 2 HOURS) to get Ernest Borgnines autograph! (can we say sore legs and feet and back and… heh)

The wait was worth the prize!…

I have to admit that I’ve never referred to anyone who is 90 yrs old as cute… but Ernest Borgnine was cute! hahaha.. what a sweet person!  And I’ll tell you what..  he was just as cherry and just as nice to the people in line 5  hours later!  I don’t think this man has a grumpy bone in his body.. and he looks FABULOUS darling!

Another autograph I got was Catherine Hicks….

yeah, yeah, yeah I know she did 10 years of  7th Heaven… but to me she will always be the gal in the Star Trek movie that wouldn’t believe that Captain Kirk “only lived in Iowa, but worked in space.”

Here are a few of the other guests …


With all this going on Armin Shimerman still took time to have a few very long chats with me..  Not the least was not so much about him playing Quark but when he played Pascal in Beauty and the Beast,  and his friendship with both Ron Perlman and Roy Dotrice.

And of course I couldn’t go to the Chiller show without spending my allotted time with two of my favorite artists…


And I picked up a few 8×10’s of some of his paintings.. dunno why, I have them all in his book.. but hey… the more the merrier!

Ken signed some bookmarks too…

Then there was Susan!.. Susan collaborates with Ken and is into  beginning to make sculptures … this is her dragon.. and new this trip is her baby dragon… which she gave me one of!!!  How cool (and nice!) is that!!  I got a baby dragon !!  Susan said it was a male, but I think she did that so I wouldn’t name it after her!  sheesh..

Practically right next door to Ken in another room was my buddy Roger and his wife Grace.  I adore these people!  They are both so darn nice it has to be hard for anyone that comes in their room “just to look”.. to go out empty handed.. impossible!

Roger went and brought some things I hadn’t seen before too !   My collection grows and grows!

Whew, are you tired yet??  I sure was!!  Michelle and I stood in so many lines for so long that both of us were more than happy when we finally got around to thinking about our hotel rooms… and bed!

But before that.. there’s still more!

Michelle, for reasons only she knows, not only kept me company all day long but bought me a present too!.. I was looking at my favorite vendor at the show and couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted a dragon or a tree… I finally decided on the dragon (heh) but to my surprise (an huge smile) Michelle presented me with the tree!! 

Is this neat or what?!… love it!!  I thanked Michelle, but I really can’t say it enough times!  Thanks again Michelle!!!!!

…and here’s the dragon letter opener ..

Oh.. and did I mention after we left the show we managed to stay on our VERY SORE FEET AND LEGS AND BACKS to go wandering around Barnes and Noble for an hour?.. oh.. well.. yaknow how it is when it comes to books ..heh.. so.. next post a little book porn that arrived in the mail when I was gone, and a few shots of a really neat book that i got at B&N

From there we went to a diner and had a really great dinner.. an my Margarita!! (actually, my second!  ..and the world didn’t stop! lol) and then headed for our hotel room and crashed !

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