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I was reading my everyday blogs when I came to Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist and today’s post..

He directs us to an article by none other than Orson Scott Card.  It relates to the J K Rowling lawsuit concerning Harry Potter.   Uncle Orson Reviews Everything  Orson Scott Card   which was actually done on April 20, 2008

Basically, I know about this lawsuit but what he said got me thinking, which is always dangerous, and I did a little browsing on the web concerning the subject.

One of the first articles I came across an interesting comparison between Harry Potter and The Worst Witch written in 1974 found “here” ..

I continued to search around and came by this:

So What Aspects of “Harry Potter” are in the Public Domain?
Apparently, a lot of it was floating around for years before Rowling’s book. The idea of a kid named Harry Potter, or something similar that is involved in magic has been floating around for years. She claims the ideas just pop into her head. Interestingly, she says she hopes she never finds out where she gets her ideas from. Maybe she means she hopes WE  never find out where she gets her ideas from. She DID NOT INVENT THE HARRY POTTER CHARACTER anymore than Walt Disney created Cinderella. To prevent other authors from selling fictional books with the Harry Pottercharacter is a travesty.

and continuing on…..more articles found..



and here..

and even here!

Needless to say, if you want to search on yourself, you won’t run out of links to click on for a while!

So, I’m interested in opinions on the subject…

On one hand I was so totally happy for Rowling to have come so far and become rich and famous for her books, and for getting kids to read again etc… all good stuff!

Then before the last book came out she said something that made me think “less” of her.  It concerned the “reason” she was killing off characters, so no one could ever use her characters.

My feelings on that one was simple.. though I totally agree it would hurt like heck (and be unforgivable) for someone to steal your characters but, to me, her mistake was talking about it in such a way to the public.  It’s a known fact to any author to be protective of their story and characters.. but you don’t come out sounding mean and vindictive to people when it hasn’t even happened. 

Point being.. it came across “wrong”..

“here you are my wonderful public that made me so rich and famous, and for this I will kill off loving characters because I don’t want any of you awful people stealing them”.. hello?  never mind.. it just hit me totally wrong!

Now comes this lawsuit again Lexicon, who she openly backed up until now!.. again.. it seems “wrong”.. and yes, to me, it’s another thing making me not respect J K Rowling like I did when she was the underdog fighting for her writing and climbing the ladder.

I do believe, at times, money does change people.  Maybe even more so when you had none and quickly become very wealthy and “powerful”… not sure if its a money thing or a power thing.. but I do believe this lady “J K Rowling“.. has changed.. and not for the better.  I just don’t hold the same amount of respect that I had for her a few years ago.

… how about you?  what do you think of all of this??  What do you think of J K Rowling now? 

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 Quest the First…

Read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time II criteria. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or your five books might be a combination from the four genres.

Book 3:  Red Dragon Codex by R D Henham


Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Mirrorstone; Paper over board edition (January 8, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0786949252


The Dragon Codices chronicle adventures with each of ten dragons of Krynn.From the fiery, evil red dragon to the playful copper, each dragon’s tale is unique. Sindri Suncatcher, narrator of A Practical Guide to Dragons, shared these tales from his travels with library scribe R.D. Henham.

Mudd lives a peaceful life in his small town, tinkering with the mill and any mechanical devicesthat he can find. But his peaceful life soon changes when, out of nowhere, a red dragon attacks, burning the town and kidnapping Shemnara, the village seer. Only one clue is left behind–a cryptic note telling Mudd, “Seek the silver dragon.”

This book is one among many that would be considered a small part of the Dragonlance series of stories.

Although 256 pages long, it is a small book which makes it a fast read.  I can’t say I was overly impressed with the writing of this story.   The story itself was fairly straight forward, but I kept feeling it could have be written better. 

It was a short adventure.  The characters could have been built better, I didn’t get a feeling of any character that really stood out to me.  And since I am a character driven person, the book remaind kind of blah to me.  It’s one, that even if you have a love for the Dragonlance books, I would say, you could do without; unless of course you have to have everything ever written to the Dragonlance series, and in that case there are more Dragon Codex books.

It was not horribly bad, just not much substance to it.

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