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If you just happen to be visiting Scotland…

.. and just happen to find an egg shaped thing near the water…

..for gosh sakes keep it!

Besides reading you may know how I love movies!   Well I missed a bunch of movies this past year but finally sent for The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

It arrived Tuesday..

I watched it Wednesday!

What a great little, feel good movie!  This sort of movie is so-o-o-o needed for those of us who can’t stop wishing “things were better”. (not going into what things… waaay toooo many !)

You can see a trailer here on IMDb

I still need to watch the “special features”, but the movie itself was really cute. A Family movie, to be sure, but also one for those of us “into fantasy” and “into wishing some of the things we read were really true” :o).  (it happens more often the older you get).

Anyway.. Just wanted to give this movie a bit of a “plug” and say, if you haven’t seen it.. do!

(I also just sent for The Golden Compass for my brother, but you can bet I will BORROW it as soon as I can! )

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