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Tiny Story

Carl, over at Stainless Steel Droppings, was running a Challenge.. his challenge was to write a Tiny Story. Simple enough huh?.. heh.. wrong!

This Tiny Story had to be exactly 100 words. (not easy)

This Tiny Story could NOT use the same word twice!  (This includes words such as  “a“, “as”, “the”)  .. it turned down right HARD!

Well, I tried to write a Tiny Story.  My first attempt, (which I gave him for his Challenge) took me 3 days to be able to say what I wanted AND not use the same word twice!  It’s harder then you think!  Try it sometime!  Just for fun.. or aggravation lol

Anyway.. After finding success once, I gave it a second try.  This time I managed to do it in ONE DAY!  Whoa…. 

I thought I’d share the second attempt with anyone that cares to read it… then think about it, and try one of your own.  Challenge yourself.  Just to see if you can do it!


Abbercorn paced, while mulling over yet another impossible situation. Walking thusly, his boots made the, well worn, wooden floor creek and groan with age.

“ Growing old,” he muttered, “was a time I didn’t have to rationalize everything, my justifications were always there”

Being elderly has taken its toll.  Recollections fade; experiences hide, explaining decisions becomes tougher, although through longevity comes wisdom, confidence, good judgment…. or so it’s said.

An overstuffed chair beckoned. Reclining, senior moments inadvertently tiptoe around; they become more frequent but still a compromise found….. for now.

Grinning full of self-assurance, another hurtle completed.

Answers found; gratitude abounds.

Now it’s  your turn!  If you do one, post it and leave a link here so I (and others) can read it!!

…’till next time….

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