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As some know.. my brother is disabled.  At 50 he had a stroke and is paralyzed on his right side (he was right handed).. at 60 he had a heart attack and quadrouple bypass.  He’s also diabetic and high cholesterol and blood pressure.. in other words, ..  he’s a mess.  I live with him and David and help take care of him while David works, because he can’t be left alone.

Anyway... before he had all that happen he was a dress designer/ artist.  After his stroke, of course, all of that ended.  About 2 yrs after his stroke he tried drawing on t-shirts, with his left hand, and found that he could at least do that much. Although not the quality I am used to seeing from him, they aren’t bad either.

One day he painted the shirt I am showing below.

He was, as one can see, copying some Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post drawings…

This one, in particular, caught my eye.  A Boy reading… and you can tell what he’s reading by the background.  There you see a Knight, and Princess, with a castle off in the distance.

So even though it’s a size 2X I claimed it for my own.  I like big baggy shirts anyway, so it suited me fine.  Plus it reminded me of my books and the reading I do.  When he paints these shirts they are for presents or giving away, since they aren’t original drawings but copies of others work, he can’t sell them.. but painting them helps keep him occupied.

I haven’t posted in the past few days because we had to put my brother back in the hospital… it happens fairly regular. (so don’t worry)  This time for Cellulitis in his legs.  They will treat it there and then send him home, barring any unforeseen problems, which do crop up now and then.

Anyway, getting him settled there and then the beginning of “hospital visits” (which I hate) my regular day was disrupted.  Now that it’s “norm” until he comes home again, I will try to post again. 

Whenever there is change in my “routine” my mind wanders…  or rather... goes on “auto” and I don’t think much at all ..heh., nothing too new there!

At least I backed up my computer today.. that got my head working on something that needed to be done.  I do that once a month, it takes about an hour to back up on 3 cds.  Now that’s done for another month.. yippee!

I hope everyone had/ is having a nice weekend!

…’till next time….

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