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I heard sirens…

Not unusual around here.. but then…instead of going past my street.. they came on my street!

My first view out my side window…  this one wasn’t actually on my street.

But the one below sure was!  I went out to find 3 fire engines and two police cars, but didn’t see any reason they were all there.

Come to find out my neighbor a few houses down, Jeff, had called the police because some ruckus was going on.  Jeff’s son-in-law happened by at this time to pick up his kids from Jeff and Cheryl… he thought he smelled smoke. By then the police were there and smelled something too so they called the fire department.

The end result was better then it might have been.  It seems the people who live next to Jeff, their hot water heater is on wood and began to smoke.  The fire department made sure all was well before they left.  They must have been out there 45 minutes in all.

I took a picture of one fireman talking to Jeff. (who I adore.. couldn’t ask for a better or nicer neighbor then Jeff and his wife)

My other neighbor Christina came out to see what was going on.. the firemen were relieved not to have to “work”.. when he saw Christina he joked, “I’d rather have my picture taken with HER!” .. I “arranged” the photo session LOL..

He laughed and asked if he could have the picture for the firehouse… I came upstairs and printed it off and went back and gave it to him… he was a happy camper all around.. pretty lady and no work!

It’s scary in these old homes so close together when one thinks of a fire.. if one got started it would never be “just one house”.. these men know just what it is they may face each time they leave the firehouse…   I’m glad this time they got to smile instead of work.

…’till next time…

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