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I don’t know if anyone saw it, but I watched Andy Serkis last night on PBS portraying Vincent Van Gogh.  If I hadn’t already seen him in person and heard his normal accent I may have been shocked that Van Gogh didn’t sound like Gollum ! heh.. just kidding. 

Andy was great!  Now I have no problem imagining him on stage in England!  Boy, what I’d give to see him in a play…sigh. 

The program itself didn’t mention anything I hadn’t heard in the past.. I remember that Kirk Douglas played Van Gogh in an old movie. (haven’t seen that one in some time)

I did like the way the show was put together, and glad that it aired on PBS.  Much of Andy’s works, (along with other British actors that I like), never show here in America.

I’m glad to say that it looks like Andy is keeping busy since he filmed Van Gogh:

Freezing Time (2007) (in production) …. Erickson
The Cottage (2008) (filming)
Einstein and Eddington (2007) (TV) (filming) …. Albert Einstein
Inkheart (2008) (post-production) …. Capricorn
Extraordinary Rendition (2007) (post-production) …. The Interrogator
Heavenly Sword (2007) (VG) (post-production) …. King Bohan
Sugarhouse (2007) …. Hoodwink

“Simon Schama’s Power of Art” …. Vincent Van Gogh

Of everything listed there, I think the only one that will make it to America is Inkheart.

Speaking of British Actors.. I got to thinking, .. there sure are a lot of them that I’ve enjoyed over and over again.

I found this site listing some British actors A-Z.  I thought I’d jot down one from each letter that should ring a bell with pretty much everyone.

A- Richard Attenborough
B- Richard Burton (Orlando Bloom gets a mention just ’cause he looks so damn good!)
C– Sean Connery
D- Judy Dench
E- Denholm Elliott
F– Albert Finney
G- Alec Guinness
H– Anthony Hopkins
I- Jeremy Irons
JGlynis Johns
K– Ben Kingsley
L– Charles Laughton
M– James Mason
N– David Niven
O- Peter O’Toole
R- Basil Rathbone
S- Maggie Smith (& Andy Serkis!)
T- Emma Thompson
U- Peter Ustinov
W– David Warner

.. I bet you never realized, or thought about, how many actors from across the pond, that you’ve enjoyed.

And I’m glad that Andy Serkis is added to MY list of people I enjoy.

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