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I just watched Mr Holland’s Opus on television, probably for the umpteenth time.  

Cried again.. for probably the umpteenth time.

          Who’d have thought that the same young (then 26 yr old) Richard Dreyfuss ,from American Graffiti , Would grow up to make such a heartfelt movie.

It’s a tearjerker, but at the same time…. there’s really a good feeling that comes over you to think that dreams can come true at any age. 

That a person is never to old for something so wonderful to happen for you.   I’ll admit, the feeling doesn’t last too long.. but it’s a great cry when it comes !

 (who can forget Richard Dreyfuss’ performance in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?..  I didn’t cry with this one.. but it was a feel good movie)

I’m not going anywhere in particular with this post, I guess … just for a moment.. a movie like that makes you feel…. hopeful.

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