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Yet Another List

I just wrote a list of books I am waiting for release for myself and thought I’d share:  (lucky you)


     Harry Potter : J K Rowlings 

    Dragons of Highlord Skies :  Weis & Hickman


     Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want : Obert Skye


     Fatel Reverent : Stephen R Donaldson


     Dragon Harper : Anne McCafferey


     Search for the Red Dragon: James A Owen

Now for the ones I can find no news at all on part… I can find no names or dates for the third installment to the following books (if you hear of them .. let me know!)

     Ann Downer: Hatching Magic series, watching for 3rd book

     Brandon Mull: Fablehaven, watching for 3rd book (although book 2 was just released)

     Christopher Paolini:  3rd book to Eragon

and lastly…

     Cornelia Funke, “Inkdeath“.. 3rd book

Meanwhile, (back at the ranch).. I finished reading the first book of Leven Thumps… and let me tell you… it is fast moving!  Great little book!  I think this series is going to be a really good addition to any  young adults library.

I’ve already begun book two, Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret.. it sure didn’t take long for it too, to take off! 

Once again I get to enjoy the sketches of Ben Sowards.  He is a real plus to these books.

When I was writing my lists I couldn’t help but notice that most of what I am waiting for is Young Adult books!  I began to smile as I remembered just how this came about, since it seems forever that I’ve read Fantasy, but always with certain authors in mind, only adding a new one every now and then; Pern and Dragonlance were my norm.

Then, out of the blue, I found that Andy Serkis (yes, Gollum!) was going to sorta come into my life, via a convention.  Being the type person I am I thought, well.. he’s an actor, he must have done something since Lord of the Rings so let me search him.

I did.

He was filming a little movie called Inkheart. (as the bad guy)  Pshaw, never heard of it… so.. step two was to research Inkheart.  Ok, so it’s a kids book they are making into a movie.. gee, where have I heard of that being done before? (Harry Potter? heh)

So I thought it would be nice if I read this book before meeting Andy Serkis so I wouldn’t seem .. well.. not with it..  you know.

I read the book and was instantly hooked!  So, I’d like to take a brief moment to thank Andy for leading me into Young Adult books!..  at least I think I want to thank him.  Since then I have found young adult author after  young adult author and enjoyed them all!

Have I reverted in my old age?  Or am I just now getting my fill of something I missed when I was a kid? 

Trying to remember back that far isn’t easy..heh.  I do recall a few books like Huck Finn and maybe a Hardy Boys or two, but mostly I remember some very old Zane Gray books… but certainly nothing like what today’s  young adult books are like!   … and dang…. there are so many!  arghhhhhh!

So…. thanks Andy… I think.

(Just look at him all sweet and innocent, reading the book he authored no less!) 

Awww, he’s smiling at me… (yeahrightsure!)

Oh .. on a side note before I leave (and the reason for the second picture of Andy) .. did you happen to notice the nice the thick curly hair Andy has?  Man.. that was MY hair when I was young!  I hated it back then, but boy I’d give anything for it now!

….’till next time….

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