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The other day I finished reading The Dragon of Never-Was by Ann Downer.  It was the second book to Hatching Magic.

This one read better then the first book.  Mainly because she didn’t go from one place to another without warning quite as much… also it was a lot more adventurous. Putting them together I have to say they were an enjoyable read, but not as up there in favorites as some of the others I’ve been reading lately.  However, should a 3rd installment come out I will most likely read it.

Well, having said that I searched and found Ann Downer’s website and she does mention a third book, but no title or date for release.

So, now I begin a book that surprised me when it came in the mail.  Yes, I had ordered it but I was expecting it to be… ohh… a normal sized book.  And instead (because there are many illustrations) the book is 9×12!  An awkward size to hold to read… but I’ll struggle through it!

The Dragon Chronicles: The Lost Journals of the Great Wizard, Septimus Agorius

Text and Illustrations: Meiklejohn Graphics, London UK

Hardcover: 128 pages
ISBN-10: 0762420774

It’s a carefully executed reproduction of the illustrated diary kept by the Great Wizard, Septimus Agorius, detailing his incredible attempts to hunt down and slay four malevolent dragons in accordance with the wishes of his dying king. (quoted from Amazon.com)

I’ve got to quit going to Amazon.com!  While there to get the information on this book my Wish List grew even bigger!  Dang! I hope the Wish List is a bottomless pit because soon it will take me hours just to look through my list!

But ,with all the books I read containing Dragons I still  hold my fondest affection for the Dragon “I created” in Kesterwood… My very own Firestorm.

For more years then he could remember Firestorm had waited in the bowels of Dragons Keep guarding his unborn young and waiting for an endless sleep so that once again he could be with his mate; for by now he knew that he was the last dragon upon the land. He had lived long beyond normal dragon years and grown old, his eyes were not sharp and true as they had once been, and his bones ached when he walked.

After him my next favorite is Ruth, the White Dragon of Pern.

(this EXCLUDES human Dragons Kiyotoe!)

…’till next time….

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