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Lately it seems, that some blogs are talking about things they have. (Naomi is showing her library and Chris some new acquisitions..his stuff. And Carl is excited over some of his pride and joys!)  Pictures, Books etc. and what they mean to them..

I thought I’d put my 2 cents worth…

Stuff… those are the things you surround yourself with, that for some unexplainable reason mean something to you… and you may not even be able to explain why. We all have them, and sometimes you don’t even realize you do until for some reason they are gone.

Stuff, should not really mean that much to us.. after all, before you obtained it, you got along just fine without it.  And should it be gone, be it stolen, sold, lost in a fire, we do survive without it. 

So, when I had to sell some of my stuff in order to keep surviving in California, why did it then feel as if I was chipping away at who and what I am?

Other than something horrific, such as a death of someone close, why did I cry as I sold it?  Why do I, even today, miss it?  Not everything can be replaced… well, not in your heart anyway.  Yes you can replace most stuff  but it’s never the same as when you first realized the stuff you had was actually a part of who you were.

Most people, if they are fortunate enough to get warning that a disaster is approaching, such as a hurricane, will grab their photo albums to save, since it really is something that cannot be replaced.  You can’t go back and get childhood photo’s when the kids are now adults, or family outings when some of the family is now gone.  Photo’s are a major part of stuff…… yet if we do loose them, we go on.  We can live without them.  But a sadness remains for all time.

But the stuff I had to sell to keep myself from becoming a street person still meant a lot to me, and I still think of it, and still wish I had them.

Much of what I sold pertained to my collections of stuff.  Autographed photo’s that I had been collecting just about forever, along with books and movies.  Just stuff right?  So why should I still miss them?  I can replace many of the books… but now they aren’t the originals, with the original art work on them.  Some autographs I can replace, but some I cannot because that person is no longer with us.  Movies can be replaced too.. so why is it that as I sold each item I felt like I was a statue that was being chipped away with each item that left my apartment?

Stuff shouldn’t mean that much to anyone, should it? 

Of course I know that getting by is more important… if I didn’t I never would have sold the items.  I know that health and well being are more important.  Many things are much more important than stuff is.  (and I am aware of this fact!)

But still, at times I find myself looking at some of my stuff and relating to it in such a way that I know it’s part of who I am.  And I wonder, would someone else feel the same way about a book they read, or a movie they watched, or an autograph they managed to get?  Is it wrong?  Is it shallow?

I think the bottom line.. for me … is that, stuff isn’t so much important as it is a reflection of who we are.  When someone is around you, and see’s your stuff it helps in knowing that person.

When you first see or meet a person they are judged on looks. (hopefully we all know how shallow THAT is!)  It isn’t until we actually get to know the person (and their stuff) that we like or dislike who and what they are. 

So maybe stuff does have a meaning to the whole picture… ya think?

Some of my STUFF…



Addendum:  Sorry if you get two alerts but after I posted my stuff it came to me why it’s so important to me. (ME being the operative word)

I think my stuff means a lot to me because:  I’ve been at the other end.  And I expect to be there again one day.  But, for now.. the fact that I may give up something I need in order to get myself some stuff is (besides wanting/ liking it) because it proves to me that life isn’t so bad right now.  It could be worse.  I could be selling, not buying.  So when I look at my stuff I smile, ’cause for now… life is ok, ya know?… and I really like my stuff!

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