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It’s rainy and miserable here in New Jersey today.  It began yesterday and will continue through the day.  I don’t mind it until (or if) it goes on for days at a time. But it does make staying awake harder.  I wonder why that is?  On rainy days I feel like I never truly wake up. Sheesh.

It is a good day for reading.  I’ve gotten a little of that in already.  Unfortunately that just makes me more tired!  Ya know.. old age pretty much sucks… and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

With luck your mind stays pretty much “normal” (whatever that means) but the body begins to fade away. (gross understatement lol)

When I was young, rain would mean running out and getting soaked and jumping in puddles…

When I hit my teens it meant running in between the raindrops so my “hairdo” wouldn’t get wet…

When you get old, you can no longer run between the raindrops… nor can you jump in puddles…. it just becomes a dreary day, sigh.

I went for a Mammogram last week.  Something we old woman are supposed to do each year… so I do it.   It’s not the most fun one could have, but it’s for a good reason.  Actually, it does hurt… and most woman complain about it… with good reason!  But since I’ve gotten “older”, I find it rather amusing.

I’m betting the lady that does the Mammogram never realized what good physical condition they had to be in to do such a job.  I mean really! 

They get the “gadget” ready and the first thing they have to do is do a squat to reach the boob to place it on the machine!! 

How many times a day can someone do squats?!  And they don’t do this once but twice for each patient!! 

I bet they have really strong legs!… and I bet they never realized that strong legs were a requirement for doing Mammograms

 .. ahhh the foolish young!  Never thinking ahead, never realizing that it’s the “older generation” getting most of the Mammograms!.. and ya know what?… Even with all that work… I bet they never realize that one day it will be another young doctor doing the same thing to them!

Sometimes, Mammograms make me smile… heh.

…. ’till next time…

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