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A Few Graphics..

My head is sorta foggy today so thought I would just post a few pictures to show you that, indeed, my book dragons ARE doing a good job protecting my special reads! (which are all of them)

… I will admit that Binderbound has a preference to any book with the word “dragon” in the title!… heh.. thankfully many do!

Oh, and I let Myrtle visit Naomi’s kitty Sweetie in a one frame “Nap Time” on her website.

… ’till next time…

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The rain has subsided for a while here in NJ… besides too much water around it left something else in it’s wake…


When I look out my window on the second floor what I see ISN”T green grass..

Well, we don’t have as much as the neighbors…but we are running a close second!

Geez, I have never seen so many Dandelions!!  (gosh how Myrtle loved it when I’d bring  Dandelion flowers with me when I visited the Kelleys!! Perked her right up! )

After I noticed all the dandelions and took pictures, I was looking in the web.. I came across 2 more “book dragons” to add to the two I purchased.  They are made by the same person, Andrew Bill.  I marked the site so that I can purchase them when I get a few dollars saved!  I think they’d make a fine addition to my other two Wordwyrm and Binderbound, don’t you?!   When I get them I’ll have to figure out two more names for them.  But that won’t be for a while yet….

’till next time…

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Book Report Time

As you can see by my “what I”m reading now” on the sidebar, I finished the first book in the Septimus Heap series, Magyk.

Angie Sage is another good story teller and has written a good fantasy story.  Along with Mark Zug who adds greatly to the books with his drawings throughout.


So far, it revolves around the Heap family, Silas (an Ordinary Wizard) and his wife Sarah and their 7 sons.  One of which is taken from them at birth stating he is dead. (the 7th son of a 7th son). But Silas has found an abandoned infant girl on the same day their son is taken away “dead” and they begin to raise the baby girl (Jenna) with their 6 sons. The story picks up ten years later when Marcia, (the ExtraOrdinary Wizard) comes to tell the Heaps that the baby girl Silas found is actually a Princess and in danger of being discovered by a spy.

Angie builds her characters well and you quickly begin to feel like you know them.  She adds into the spice with some interesting creatures (Brownies, Boggarts and Wizards) and simple magyk spells to entertain and to help the story move forward. 

At the end of the book she does something I haven’t seen done before.  She names a chapter: After .. and then tells what happened to minor characters that just sort of “don’t show up again”.. The book ends neatly, with no cliff hangers… yet I was happy to know there was more to come in Flyte and Physik….. I really enjoyed the book. 

This is certainly another author I would highly recommend for young adults to read.  And if you want a light read and feel like relaxing with an entertaining story and some good characters.. I’d recommend it to anyone, any age.


I’ve just begun the second in the series called Flyte, which picks up about a year later.


564 pages

Author:  Angie Sage

….’till next time…

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I rarely, if ever, voice my personal thoughts on things… I am breaking that rule, just because I wonder if it’s just me who just “doesn’t get it” all the time.

Case in fact:  Heather Mills

Now, admittedly I never knew who she was until she married Paul McCartney.

My second “knowledge of her” was her divorce from Paul McCartney. (big surprise huh?.. meaning that she’d be in the news for that)

My third “knowledge of her” was in Dancing With the Stars.  She did not impress me.  False leg or not I didn’t feel any pangs of sympathy for her since she was a lucky one and could afford to care for her problem without going without eating like some of us would.

Then she got bounced from Dancing With The Stars and had this to say:

She said her participation on the program “raised a fortune for our charity, and hundreds of thousands of animals’ lives will be saved.”

Hearing that she was somehow “raising money for a charity” by dancing struck me oddly.  I don’t know why.. maybe it’s because I had an idea of how much money she got from her divorce…

On 21 January 2007, the press announced a settlement between the two, mentioning that Sir Paul would pay £32 million in cash and property to his ex-wife

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think the wealthy should just give away all their money to charity.  After all.. everyone has to live, and she has a long life to live yet.

But it sorta made me laugh. (warped sense of humor)  Here’s a multimillionaire who could easily give that charity the amount she said she raised and not bat an eye… but did she? (I can’t say but I doubt it)  Instead, she helped “beg” for money from those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, social security to social security. Those who really CAN’T afford it! 

It made me think  of others in her financial position who do the same thing… they go out there and say “look how great I am helping raise money for this or that”… KNOWING they are taking it from those who can least afford it.

Is it just me?  Or is there something wrong with this picture?

Oh, I realize that many contribute also..  but I also know many who contribute and DON’T use their “celebrity” to ask those of us not wealthy to share what we do have. 

Why don’t they just get their other “wealthy” friends together and give a big contribution ?… yeah.. now that would make me look at them in a different light!

I guess it just bugs me that someone who couldn’t possibly spend the amount of money they have in their own lifetime… to ask those who don’t have it to help with money that they don’t have to spare, but do it anyway. 

This says much about those who do contribute..  but what does it really say about the multimillionaire who only contributes because their financiers say to so they get a tax break??  If they are truly into a certain charity then figure out how to get the big bucks from big businesses and wealthy people!

I have no idea why this struck me today.  I guess I just heard her say that they raised alot by her dancing, and my mind just went , “excuse me?  whatever the amount you raised thru those of us who are barely making it, I’m sure you could have given them without batting an eye!”… and for some unexplained reason, that thought bothered me.

So..  now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest… how was your day?

’till next time…

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Feline Friday

It’s Feline Friday !…

This week I managed to get some photo’s of Missy. (aka: MissyMoo)

A few weeks ago we almost lost her.  She’s pretty old and had some problems that the vet helped with, and now she’s home and doing pretty good… for how long we don’t know but for now she’s “back to normal”!

Now and then she visits up in my room and that’s where I was lucky enough to get some pictures….

So, if you have a kitty picture that you want to share..be sure to go to Steven’s Sometimes Photoblog and leave a link for all to see!

’till next time….

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A Book Meme

Booked By 3 Meme
Name up to three characters…

1. ….You wish were real so you could meet them:

(actually, they would all be characters from the story I wrote, but since no one knows them I’ll choose some from published books)

   Belgarath the Sorcerer.  I love this old man, lol, for ages after I read David Eddings books I joked that he and I were engaged!  He’d be someone I’d love to know for sure!

     Masterharper Robinton, The Pern series.  Oh man, this guy is one I could fall for!  I was so glad when Anne McCaffrey wrote a whole book about him!

      Gandalf… what I’d like to know is who WOULDN’T want to meet him?!!
2. ….You would like to be:     

(wow, I never really thought about this one!)

     Meggie from Inkheart maybe.  She’s had lots of adventure, a father who loves her more then anything, and an eccentric Aunt Elinor who I’d like to meet too!…  and she still has a whole life to live.

     I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to be Herminone from Harry Potter.  Very smart gal.. and being able to do all those wizardly things would be neat!

     Lessa of Pern.  I wonder what it would be like to be such a strong person, and to ride Ramoth! (wait.. I’m afraid of heights!..but then again, if I was Lessa.. I wouldn’t be!)
3. ….Who scare you:    

(This is not my cup of tea, but most books have a villain, so I’ll go with that.)

    Capricorn in Inkheart:  he is evil, evil, evil!  (excellent villain, and no one I’d want to meet!)

     Voldemort (Harry Potter) is another one I wouldn’t want to meet on a dark street. (or a bright street either)

     Saruman (Lord of the Rings).. nope he’s no one I would ever want to meet or deal with, thank you very much.

Now this is a Meme and I’m supposed to name others to play along…  I generally don’t do that ..however… I think I will this time!  So, I choose…

Kiyotoe (aka The Dragon: 050376 )

SQT (aka Fantasy & Sci Fi Lovin’ Blog )  and..

Stewart (aka The House of Sternberg)

’till next time….

(ps.   I am doing a second post below for those who have read Inkheart and are interested in the upcoming movie of it…..)

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Inkheart… the movie

As I was searching for photo’s for the above post, one of the places I went was to Cornelia Funke’s Website (Inkheart/ Inkspell).  I still didn’t find a professional photo of Capricorn, who will be played by Andy Serkis, but I did find the first photo’s released from the movie. 

I thought I would share them with anyone who has read the book.  Oh, by the way, Cornelia also released the title of book 3 of the Inheart Trilogy, it will be called Inkdeath. (utoh). 

Anyway here are the photo’s from the movie.

I am sooooooo looking forward to both: the movie AND the last book!!

’till next time.

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Ahhhh, Spring!

    Ah, yes… Myrtle  has noticed it and so I had to make my annual Spring trip out to the back yard to see what was happening…

Right near the kitchen window the cats noticed the Almond Bush beginning to bloom.. it has the tiniest, delicate flowers of the whole yard.

Then I toured the Pear Tree.. The blossoms there are either partially opened..

Or.. fully opened!

I found a few Tulips blooming… they seemed to slowly be disappearing from the yard, but they never fully leave.

But the one thing in FULL bloom is the Weeping Cherry Tree…  It always looks so beautiful when it’s like this.

Below, you can see it “Weeping” …

Then there’s the lawn… well… what can I say?  There’s definitely an overabundance this year of Dandelions!  Anyone for a Dandelion Salad??

… ’till next time

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Yesterday turned into a busy day.  Besides the “normal” things I do for my brother, he had more then normal demands .. that and i had to ready him for a doctor visit, which always means more work.  I was beat by 7 pm… that and my back was hurting more then usual… that and it decided to be over 80 degrees today!.. hello?  From the 40’s to 80’s in two days!… by two more days it will be low 50’s and rain again… this is one screwy spring !

One quick mention here on the book I am reading, Magyk… I am already half way through book one and I really am enjoying it!  The author, Angie Sage is a good story teller.  I think I will be recommending this trilogy along with Cornelia Funke’s by the time I”m done with it, for young adult reading. 

Ok, I promised myself I wouldn’t stay on that subject for too long, since I seem to have numerous posts about books.  But I do hope you liked my Book Wyrm from my last post.

So… I’d talk about my life, but I have none.  Aside from reading, television and taking care of my brother …there is none.  So… (I know I just said that).. that leaves me with what?

I guess I could tell you that I set up a blog just for Myrtle.  For now all that’s there  has been shown on this journal.  In the future I may only leave a link for anyone to see her when I do other cartoons… though they won’t be too often. 

Here is the link to Myrtle Kelley’s Blog.     


My friend Helen over at My Everyday Life is celebrating 2 years of journaling.  Stop by and say congrats if you have a mind to.

John Scalzi has gone on a book tour to promote his book, The Last Colony.  He’s posting how each day goes while he’s gone on a blog called “Ficlets“, just in case you want to follow his tour.

Dorn, at Dust Bunny Club  is going thru a private hell… her son Gabe is going BACK to Iraq!  This sending our boys back over and over again is NOT a good thing.

My buddy Patrick at Patricks Place has lost 44 lbs!! Way to go Patrick!!!

Hey.. ya know what?  I like MY news much better then what I’ve been hearing on the television!!

’till the next time…

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I’m Baaaack

FYI.. I am back in blogspot.. but will keep a duplicate blog here ..

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